Creekstone Farms


Premium Black Angus. Master Chef USDA Prime.

Creekstone Farms Premium Black Angus Beef USDA Prime Beef is hand-selected for superior marbling, which provides exceptional tenderness, juiciness and flavor. We guarantee that each and every cut will be tender, juicy and flavorful. It’s better Beef by Prime. It’s the superior quality marbling that leads to super taste and tenderness in every bite. This is a very versatile and flavorful cut of beef. Beef fillets are premium cuts of tender and succulent meat, known for their exceptional juiciness and rich flavor, making them a gourmet delight for steak lovers.

Skuna Bay Fresh Craft Raised Salmon Fillets $15.98/Lb.

Marinate in teriyaki and grill or bake these fillets for a seafood sensation.

Prairie Fresh Boneless Pork Chops $2.48/Lb.

All-Natural. Thick, juicy grillin’ beauties.

Boneless & Skinless Fresh Chicken Breasts or Thighs $2.48/Lb.

Tender, juicy and delicious Chicken for a terrific meal anytime!

Selva Natural Jumbo Black Raw Tiger Shrimp $17.98/Lb.

Farm Raised. 8-12 Count. Previously Frozen.

Fresh Produce Specials​

USDA Organic

Ataulfo Mangoes

Ataulfo mangoes, also known as Champagne mangoes, are small, golden-yellow fruits with a smooth and creamy texture, known for their rich and sweet flavor with hints of tropical notes. Wonderful sliced and added to a fresh fruit salad!


Vine Ripe Cluster Tomatoes $1.98/Lb.

Large red ripe slicing tomatoes.

USDA Organic Whole Broccoli $2.98/Bun.

Just steam and serve.

Fresh Russet Potatoes 2 for $6

Bake, boil or mash these beauties! 5 Lb. Bag.

California Large Navel Oranges 98¢/Lb.

Loaded with Vitamin C & flavor!

Fresh Meat & Seafood Specials​


Fresh 80% Lean

Ground Chuck $4.98/Lb.

We grind it fresh daily for maximum flavor and freshness.

Mary's USDA Organic

Chicken Breast Tenders $7.98/Lb.

Air-Chilled for super freshness. Tender, juicy and delicious Chicken for a terrific meal anytime!

Flavorful Fresh Ground Pork $3.98/Lb.

A lean alternative to beef!

Flavorful Fresh Ground Pork $3.98/Lb.

A lean alternative to beef!

Wild Caught Calamari Steaks $7.98/Lb.

Just bread and bake these for a seafood sensation.

Meat Department Signature Items

Smoked In-House

St. Louis Style Pork Ribs $4.98/Lb.

Don’t forget to pick up some BBQ sauce & extra napkins for these beauties.


Stuffed Pork Chops $4.98/Lb.

Break from the routine and cook up some of these table tender beauties tonight.

From Our Kitchen


Hot & Ready Homemade

Roasted Pork Loin $7.98/Lb.

With Mushroom Sauce. A cut above the rest in taste and tenderness.

Hot & Ready

Orange Chicken $6.98/Lb.

Crispy chicken pieces coated in a tangy and sweet orange sauce.

Grab & Go Chicken Smasher Bowl $4.98/Ea.

Perfect choice for lunch! 12 oz. Size

Handmade Three Cheese Pizza $7.98/Ea.

Take & Bake. 16 oz. Size

La Brea Dinner Rolls $4.98/Ea.

Previously Frozen. 6 Count Package

In Our Service Deli


Grab & Go

Pinwheel Wraps $5.98/Ea.

Perfect for lunch this week! Choose from Turkey, Ham or Roast Beef. 7 oz. Package


Basil Pasta Salad $6.98/Lb.

Basil pasta salad is a refreshing and flavorful dish that is perfect for lunch or a side dish to any meal!

Homemade Tomato Bruschetta $3.98/Ea.

In our Grab & Go case. 8 oz. Package

Tri Tip Specialty Sandwich $7.98/Ea.

Made fresh to your order. 10 oz. Size

La Brea Dinner Rolls $4.98/Ea.

Previously Frozen. 6 Count Package

Homemade Tomato Bruschetta $3.98/Ea.

In our Grab & Go case. 8 oz. Package

Health & Wellness


Grass-Fed Whey 15% OFF

An excellent source of protein, containing essential amino acids the body needs to function. Vanilla. 11.9 oz. Canister


CBD Juice 20% OFF

A functional wellness drink that helps promote a healthier and balanced lifestyle by reducing anxiety, alleviating pain and improving sleep. Selected Varieties. 12 oz. Bottle

Natural, Organic & Specialty

Kite Hill

Plant-Based Foods 25% OFF

Changing the game with great tasting plant-based foods that help people feel their best while making a positive impact on the planet, one bite at a time. All Products.

Field Roast

Plant-Based Foods 25% OFF

Without a healthy planet, we wouldn’t be able to provide the rich and decadent food we love to craft every day. That’s why our dedication to keep our planet happy is just as bold as our flavors. All Products.

Clover Sonoma Lactose Free Milk $3.98

Selected Varieties. 64 oz. Carton

Food For Life Cereal $6.98

Selected Varieties. 16 oz. Package

Tejava Tea $2.48+crv

Selected Varieties. 1 Liter Bottle

Garden of Eatin' Chips $3.48

Selected Varieties. 16 oz. Package

Danish Creamery or Challenge

Butter $4.48

Selected Varieties. 15‑16 oz. Package


Pizza $8.98

Selected Varieties. 22.2‑28.3 oz. Package

Deli, Dairy & Frozen Buys

Almond Breeze Almond Milk 2 for $6

Selected Varieties. 59‑64 oz. Carton

Tillamook Chunk or Shredded Cheese $5.48

Selected Varieties. 16 oz. Package

Talenti Gelato or Klondike Novelties $4.78

Selected Varieties. 16 oz. or 4‑8 Count Pacakge

PF Chang's Skillet Meal $6.98

Selected Varieties. 22‑24 oz. Package

Grocery, Beverage & IGA Buys


Soft Drinks 2 for $4+crv

Selected Varieties. 2 Liter Bottle

San Pellegrino

Sparkling Water $5.48+crv

Selected Varieties. 6 Pack/11.15 oz. Cans

General Mills Cereal $3.98

Selected Varieties. 16.1‑19.8 oz. Package

Green Mountain Coffee $8.48

Selected Varieties. 10‑12 Count Package

Bounce Dryer Sheets $5.98

Selected Varieties. 120 Count Package

Tide Laundry Detergent $7.98

Selected Varieties. 46 oz. Liquid

In-House Roasted Coffee & Organic Juice Bar


Cold Brew $3.98/Ea.

House made cold brew coffee flavored with coconut and a dash of coconut sugar. 20 oz. Cup


Berry Blast $4.98/Ea.

All organic blended acai, coconut water, blueberries, almond butter, spinach & dates. 12 oz. Cup

Bakery Signature Items

Fresh Baked

Grab & Go Muffins $5.98/Ea.

The perfect breakfast treat any morning! Selected Varieties. 4 Count Package

Grab & Go

Carrot Cake $4.98/Ea.

A great choice for after dinner this week. 4 oz. Slice

La Brea Dinner Rolls $4.98/Ea.

Previously Frozen. 6 Count Package

La Brea Dinner Rolls $4.98/Ea.

Previously Frozen. 6 Count Package

Fresh Baked Fruit Scones $2.48/Ea.

Selected Varieties. 3 oz. Package

La Brea Dinner Rolls $4.98/Ea.

Previously Frozen. 6 Count Package

Specialty Meats & Cheese

Cypress Grove

Goat Cheese

From fresh and tangy cheeses to our soft-ripened signature classics and buttery aged cheeses. Choose from Lamb Chopper, Midnight Moon, Little Giant or Aged Cheddar. 3.75‑6 oz. Package.

20% OFF

La Panzanella Artisan Crackers $3.98/Ea.

Selected Varieties. 6 oz. Package

La Panzanella Artisan Crackers $3.98/Ea.

Selected Varieties. 6 oz. Package

Columbus Craft Meats Charcuterie Trio $10.98/Ea.

12 oz. Package

La Panzanella Artisan Crackers $3.98/Ea.

Selected Varieties. 6 oz. Package

California Fresh LOCAL Wine Buys

Brick Barn

Pinot Noir

A soft, silky texture reveals sleek flavors of raspberry, cranberry and dried cherry with suggestions of toasted oak and mocha. 750 ml. Bottle


Bota Box Wine $16.98

Selected Varieties. 3 Liter Box

Tolosa No-Oak Chardonnay $12.98

750 ml. Bottle

El Rancho Love Chardonnay $6.98

2020 Central Coast. 750 ml. Bottle

California Fresh LOCAL Spirit Buys

Frey Ranch

Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Four-Grain. 750 ml. Bottle
Frey Ranch Rye Whiskey. 750 ml. Bottle. $41.98


Angel's Envy Bourbon $35.98

Rye $69.98 750 ml. Bottle

Cazadores Tequila $19.98

Selected Varieties. 750 ml. Bottle

Deep Eddy Original Vodka $19.98

1.75 Liter Bottle

Some of our Favorite Craft Beer

Deschutes Brewery Ales $8.98+crv

Selected Varieties. 6 Pack/12 oz. Cans or Bottles

BarrelHouse Brewing Co. $9.98+crv

Selected Varieties. 6 Pack/12 oz. Cans or Bottles

California Fresh Import & Domestic Beer Buys

Pacifico Beer $14.98+crv

12 Pack/12 oz. Cans or Bottles

Stella Artois Lager $16.98+crv

12 Pack/11.2 oz. Cans or Bottles

Michelob Ultra Superior Light Beer $12.98+crv

12 Pack/12 oz. Cans or Bottles